Properties for sale right now


Here You will find some of the properties what we have for sale at the moment. Please contact us for further information or special requests!

220 hectares of forest and agricultural land locateted southwest of Tallinn and on Saaremaa
An interesting package that contains 209,4 hectars with good location between Tallinn and Haapsalu in 3 properties, and one small property on Saaremaa on 10,45 hectars.
The properties are good for forestry and hunting.
The total volume of growing stock is calculated to aprox 19 900 m3.
The properties could be bought including companay (osaühing), what makes it easy for everyone to buy this package.
Cadastri numbers: 51802:003:051329705:001:002656202:002:006044001:004:0156

Price idea: Bid - SOLD 07.04.2014

32,9 hectars of forest and agricultural land located 50 km southeast of Tallinn
The property Astilbe is located in the village Ardu, close to the big road between Tallinn and Tartu, and has direct access to public road.
In Ardu it is for example possible to find a hostel and a shop.
The total area consists of 14 hectares agricultural land, 18 hectares of forest land, and 0,9 hectares of other land.
The total volume of growing stock is 1 835 m3, mostly old pine and spruce. In the forest is also 4,5 hectares cutted areas what needs to be reforested, and 3,1 hectares of young forest.
The agricultural land are in use, and are rented out to a local farmer.
Cadastri number: 36302:002:0406

Price idea: 80 000 euro - SOLD 31.03.2015

237 ha located southeast of Haapsalu

The package consists of several properties, with a total of 19 land plots. Several of them adjacent to each other.
Most of the properties are located southeast of Haapsalu, in Ridala and Martna municipalities (about 200 ha).
A contiguous area of approximately 37 hectares is located just north of Lihula.
The total area consists of about 158 ​​hectares of forest land, 44 ha grassland (largely forested), and 35 hectars other land.
The forest is dominated by aspen, birch and alder, with forest in all maturity classes.
The total volume of standing timber is 23 350 m3.
It is possible to buy the complete package, or split it into three smaller packages.
Package 1: Martna and Taebla commune, 127 hectars, 11 700 m3.
Package 2: Ridala commune, 73 hectars, 9 950 m3.
Package 3: Lihula commune, 37 hectars, 1 700 m3.
Price Idea: 320 000 euro for the complete package. Or following price ideas for the smaller packages: - SOLD 09.05.2014
Martna: 160 000 euro
Ridala: 130 000 euro
Lihula: 37 000 euro

Seaside located property in Salmistu village, Kuusalu commune

The property, with an area of 3 286 m2, goes all the way down to the beach.
Located around 200 meters west of Salmistu marina.
Cadastri number: 35201:002:0528

Price idea: 35 000 euro

Properties close to the seaside in Salmistu village, Kuusalu commune

2 forested properties located close to each other at roadside. The area is 10 347 m2 and 6 614 m2.
The forest is old spruce dominated mixed forest. 
Around 900 meters to beach and small marina.
Cadastri number: 35201:002:0525 and 35201:002:0527

Price idea: 45 000 euro

49 hectars forest- and agricultural land in Hiiumaa (The second biggest island in Estonia)
A really nice property located in the Southern part of Hiiumaa, in Emmaste commune. 
The property is divided in to two different blocks. One forest dominated plot with an area of 38 hectars, and one plot that consists of  11 hectars agricultural land.
Good location with direct access to small roads.
The total volume of standing timber is around 5 900 m³. The dominating tree species is birch, black alder and ash.
Cadastri numbers: 17501:004:0213; 17501:004:0214; 17501:004:0215; 17501:004:0216
Price idea: SOLD 24.01.2018

20,5 hectars forest- and agricultural land in Saaremaa (The biggest island in Estonia)
This is 5 different properties what will be sold in one package, located in Mustjala and Leisi communes.
The total volume of standing timber is around 1 117 m³. Possible cuttings is around 470 m³.
The areal is mainly forestland, but there is also some agricultural land.
Price idea: 25 000 Euro